Daniel Sie

Since young age, this talented photographer named Daniel Sie started to develop music in piano and violin as his hobby. Afterwards, realizing that music needs some practices, he chose to focus more on his study, leaving music alone. Moreover, after graduating from senior high school, he went to one of prestige university in Surabaya, named Ciputra University. He took International Business Management as his major, but he realized that taking business was not on his will, so he intended to move to Singapore to pursue his dream as a photographer.

Graduated in 2015 in Advanced Diploma Professional Photography in SODE, Daniel Sie has been able to develop his specialization in commercial photography more into Automobile and Product Photography named Sinema Image Expert (SIE) Studio. Besides, from commercial photography, he has been able to escalate his photography talent to a TV Film and Video production company named AERIS PICTURES.

Because Daniel’s family background is business, so he also has the essence of a businessman. in 2017, Daniel saw a small business and industry in Indonesia that needed capital funding, so he founded a startup company called K.A.S which aims to generate industries and businesses in Indonesia with capital funding and business seminars.

Then in 2018, a well-known branding company in Surabaya approached Daniel to work together in the advertising agency and he was trusted to run in the field of Video Production. because the vision of this video production house is Asia, we formed Video Support Asia.

Current Exhibition
– HIKARI – The Beauty Of Light, Singapore, 2014
– G-Show, Singapore, 2015

– Crowbar Awards, Singapore, Top 20 Over 846 Entries, 2014